Product Information

LGS2444RX brings excellent agronomics and top-end yield potential. The product offers very good standability, good White Mold tolerance and strong Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance. A medium-tall, moderately bushy plant.
  • This variety brings impressive yields and should be positioned for maximum yield potential.
  • A unique plant look from a medium bush plant style.
  • Resistant to BSR, SCN, PRR; highly tolerant to IDC, WM.
  • Very good stress tolerance.

Plant Characteristics

Emergence 9 Standability 8 Shatter Resistance 8 Plant Height M Plant Type MB Pubescence Gray Flower Color Purple Hilum Imp. Black Pod Color Brown

Disease Ratings

Cyst Nematode Resistance R3, MR14 Phytophthora Race Resistance Rps1c Phytophthora Tolerance 8 Brown Stem Rot 9 Iron Deficiency Chlorosis 8 Sclerotinia White Mold 7 Sudden Death 7 Frogeye Leaf Spot N/A Charcoal Rot N/A Stem Canker N/A

Management Tips

Suitable for no-till and minimum tillage, as well as all row spacings. Height is maintained under stress and this product is widely adapted to soils and planting regimens.

Management Practices

Poorly Drained Soils 9 Marginal Soils 8 Productive Soils 9 Adapt to No-Till 9 Early Vigor 9