Your operation runs on hard work and experience. When you add in unique genetics and top-performing hybrids, you’ve got all you need to deliver results. It all comes back to the one thing that doesn’t change—the commitment to deliver the best seed for your soil.


Our STAR Partner dealer network is made up of professionals who built their business from the ground up – and it’s within reach for you, too.

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Your success is measured in more than just bushels. That’s why you need a seed partner that sees your whole operation. At LG Seeds, we put our leading-edge research, hybrids and team of local experts to work for you. When it comes to your success, We Mean Business®.


  • Establishing and Managing Alfalfa Stands

    Alfalfa can be a very beneficial crop when incorporated into a row crop rotation. But like any crop, proper management is crucial to the success and longevity of your alfalfa stand.

  • Evaluating Plant Stands in Corn

    Planting is a critical part of the season, and there are a few things to check for while the planters running to ensure an even stand establishment.

  • Corn Planting: When's The Right Time?

    Most farmers are on the edge of their seat anticipating planting season. Check out this report from a Technical Team Agronomist on the current conditions and if they're fit for planting.

  • Results of Early Planted Soybean Studies

    The craze of planting soybeans early has grown every year. Our Technical Team Agronomist put this craze to the test and has some concrete recommendations to make based on his results.

  • Corn and Soybean Seed Treatment Options

    With the trend of early planting on the rise, seed treatments will be critical to ensure early-season plant health.