Product Information

C1000RX furnishes high yield potential with a gorgeous look at harvest and heavy pod set. This variety offers superior agronomics and stress tolerance.
  • Uniform in appearance with heavy pod set and good branching.
  • Excellent emergence and early vigor, superior standability.
  • SCN, BSR and PRR resistance with very good IDC and WM scores.
  • Adapts well from the Dakota's through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Plant Characteristics

Emergence 9 Standability 9 Shatter Resistance 8 Plant Height M Plant Type M Pubescence Lt. Tawny Flower Color Purple Hilum Brown Pod Color Tan

Disease Ratings

Cyst Nematode Resistance R3, MR14 Phytophthora Race Resistance Rps3a Phytophthora Tolerance 8 Brown Stem Rot 9 Iron Deficiency Chlorosis 8 Sclerotinia White Mold 8 Sudden Death N/A Frogeye Leaf Spot N/A Charcoal Rot N/A Stem Canker N/A

Management Tips

Adapts well into no-till and minimum tillage. Handles varying soil and fertility situations. Exceptional stress and drought tolerance. Superior performance from the Dakotas to Michigan.

Management Practices

Poorly Drained Soils 9 Marginal Soils 9 Productive Soils 9 Adapt to No-Till 9 Early Vigor 9