Product Information

LGS0735RX is best suited for northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. A great looking line that has SCN resistance, Rps1c for PRR and a good IDC tolerance.
  • Very strong performance in both high and low yield environments.
  • Excellent emergence scores across a wide range of soil types and environments.
  • Complete package of SCN and PRR resistance with IDC tolerance.
  • Good candidate for stress prone fields from the Dakotas through Michigan.

Plant Characteristics

Emergence 9 Standability 7 Shatter Resistance 8 Plant Height M Plant Type M Pubescence Gray Flower Color Purple Hilum Imp. Black Pod Color Tan

Disease Ratings

Cyst Nematode Resistance R3, MR14 Phytophthora Race Resistance Rps1c Phytophthora Tolerance 7 Brown Stem Rot 7 Iron Deficiency Chlorosis 8 Sclerotinia White Mold 6 Sudden Death N/A Frogeye Leaf Spot N/A Charcoal Rot 7 Stem Canker N/A

Management Tips

LGS0735RX does well in both high and low yield environments, allowing it to be placed on a wide variety of soil types. Best used in its adapted maturity, but has notable northern movement. Performance was impressive in both 30 inch and 10 inch rows.

Management Practices

Poorly Drained Soils 7 Marginal Soils 8 Productive Soils 8 Adapt to No-Till 8 Early Vigor 8