Silage Proven
Product Information
LG52C42 is a high yielding product that can be placed across maturity zones and geographies. Excellent disease package offers peace of mind and can save on management expenses. Silage Proven.
  • Highly competitive top-end yield potential and great performance across the northern Corn Belt.
  • Tolerance to Bacterial Leaf Streak, and Physoderma Brown Spot. Overall health contributes to very good Tar Spot tolerance.
  • Excellent disease package including strong tolerance to Goss’s Wilt, Grey Leaf Spot, and Northern Corn Leaf Blight.
  • Fungicide use should be infrequent and only after scouting.
Plant Characteristics
Early Vigor 9 Stalk Strength 8 Root Strength 8 Greensnap 7 Drydown 8 Staygreen 9 Drought Tolerance 8 Test Weight 7 Harvest Appearance 9 Hard Endosperm No GDD - Pollen 1278 GDD - Silk 1293 GDD - Black Layer 2535 Plant Height MT Ear Height M Ear Type SF Flowering for Maturity LATE
Management Tips
Early planting will maximize the growing season. Responds to high yield management in productive corn environments. Broad adaptability allows planting across a wide geography, from east to west, and can be used south as an early option. Medium-tall plants offer dual purpose potential as a high quality silage hybrid. Manage greensnap risk in high wind environments.
Management Practices
Low Populations 8 Medium Populations 9 High Populations 9 Marginal Soil 8 Productive Soil 9 Continuous Corn 8 Adapt To No Till 8 Planting Rate 28-38,000
Disease Ratings
Northern Leaf Blight 8 Southern Leaf Blight N/A Gray Leaf Spot 9 Goss's Bacterial Wilt 8 Anthracnose 8 Tar Spot Tolerant Common Rust N/A Southern Rust N/A Fungicide Response Low
Herbicide Interaction
None noted