Product Information
LG60C86 has strong stalks, high tolerance to Tar Spot and is very responsive to high yield management practices. Best adaptation is central Corn Belt and west in productive soils.
  • Medium height plants exhibit season long excellent standability and very good greensnap ratings.
  • Excellent emergence and early vigor scores.
  • Very high rating for Tar Spot tolerance.
  • Very responsive to higher populations and fungicide applications.
Plant Characteristics
Early Vigor 8 Stalk Strength 8 Root Strength 9 Greensnap 8 Drydown 7 Staygreen 8 Drought Tolerance 7 Test Weight 8 Harvest Appearance 8 Hard Endosperm N/A GDD - Pollen 1413 GDD - Silk 1397 GDD - Black Layer 2760 Plant Height M Ear Height M Ear Type SF Flowering for Maturity Mid
Management Tips
LG60C86 best adapts to high yield management practices and productive soils. Rapid emergence and strong early vigor scores favor early planting and no till plantings. Responds to high management and high populations.
Management Practices
Low Populations 6 Medium Populations 7 High Populations 9 Marginal Soil 6 Productive Soil 9 Continuous Corn 8 Adapt To No Till 9 Planting Rate 33-40,000
Disease Ratings
Northern Leaf Blight 4 Southern Leaf Blight N/A Gray Leaf Spot 8 Goss's Bacterial Wilt 7 Anthracnose 7 Tar Spot Tolerant Common Rust 8 Southern Rust 8 Fungicide Response High
Herbicide Interaction
None noted