Silage Proven

Product Information

LG60C47 is a new SmartStax® product that brings strong defensive characteristics along with high yield. The plant provides a strong health package and solid agronomics having big ears and healthy plants with a strong commercial look.
  • Very attractive plant type with very high yield potential from large girthy ears of good test weight grain.
  • The plant is medium height with medium-low ear placement. Grain quality is above average with very good drydown.
  • A strong disease package with excellent scores against NCLB and SCLB. Above average tolerance against Goss's Wilt.
  • This product is broadly adapted across soil types and can move south well.

Plant Characteristics

Early Vigor 8 Stalk Strength 7 Root Strength 7 Greensnap 8 Drydown 8 Staygreen 8 Drought Tolerance 8 Test Weight 7 Harvest Appearance 7 Hard Endosperm No GDD - Pollen 1374 GDD - Silk 1374 GDD - Black Layer 2734 Plant Height MT Ear Height ML Ear Type SF Flowering for Maturity MID

Management Tips

Widely adapted across the Corn Belt and can move south into the Texas panhandle. LG60C47 can yield in both variable, tough soils and ideal situations planted at medium-high to higher populations. Can excel in years of drought conditions. Manage GLS with a fungicide application. Fungicide is also recommended in continuous corn and high disease pressure environments.

Management Practices

Low Populations 7 Medium Populations 8 High Populations 8 Marginal Soil 8 Productive Soil 8 Continuous Corn 7 Adapt To No Till 8 Planting Rate 28-36,000

Disease Ratings

Northern Leaf Blight 9 Southern Leaf Blight 9 Gray Leaf Spot 7 Goss's Bacterial Wilt 7 Anthracnose 7 Eyespot N/A Common Rust 7 Southern Rust 8 Fungicide Response High

Herbicide Interaction

None noted