Silage Proven

Product Information

LG54C76 is a high yielding semi-flex product that moves east to west very well. Solid agronomics with a great disease and health profile. Very versatile in placement and adaptation. Approved as HEC or food grade corn in some markets.
  • Semi-flex ears with average girth, 14-18 rows around, medium-tall plant with medium ear insertion, a longer ear with a dark red cob and open husk.
  • Excellent emergence and early vigor. Superior roots. Average Stalks. Above average Test Weight. Good fall intactness.
  • Above average on stalk diseases. Very good on Goss’s Wilt and Gray Leaf Spot. Average scores for NCLB.
  • Scout for disease and apply fungicide if needed. Will respond to fungicide.

Plant Characteristics

Early Vigor 9 Stalk Strength 7 Root Strength 9 Greensnap 9 Drydown 7 Staygreen 8 Drought Tolerance 8 Test Weight 8 Harvest Appearance 8 Hard Endosperm Yes GDD - Pollen 1280 GDD - Silk 1311 GDD - Black Layer 2590 Plant Height MT Ear Height M Ear Type SF Flowering for Maturity MID

Management Tips

Handles early planting and no-till/reduced till situations well. Recommend fungicide use when planted in continuous corn situations. Adapts well in zone, and both north and south of its adapted zone.

Management Practices

Low Populations 8 Medium Populations 9 High Populations 8 Marginal Soil 9 Productive Soil 8 Continuous Corn 8 Adapt To No Till 9 Planting Rate 27-36,000

Disease Ratings

Northern Leaf Blight 6 Southern Leaf Blight N/A Gray Leaf Spot 8 Goss's Bacterial Wilt 8 Anthracnose 8 Eyespot N/A Common Rust N/A Southern Rust 7 Fungicide Response High

Herbicide Interaction

None noted