Silage Proven

Product Information

LG57C33 produces large, consistent, well-filled ears with good drydown. The plant has superior stalk strength and good late season appearance. Widely adapted across the Corn Belt.
  • High yield potential and good stress tolerance allow this product to be planted on a variety of acres.
  • Husk flares open for fast drydown which can lead to an early harvest.
  • Leaf and stalk health are generally good with noticeable late season staygreen and plant intactness.
  • Very broadly adapted across the Corn Belt east to west with good northern adaptation.

Plant Characteristics

Early Vigor 8 Stalk Strength 8 Root Strength 7 Greensnap 7 Drydown 9 Staygreen 7 Drought Tolerance 7 Test Weight 7 Harvest Appearance 7 Hard Endosperm No GDD - Pollen 1311 GDD - Silk 1351 GDD - Black Layer 2667 Plant Height M Ear Height M Ear Type SF Flowering for Maturity MID

Management Tips

Best used in its adapted maturity or north. Conveys very good tolerance to ASR. Fungicides will likely be beneficial in high disease environments. Semi-flex ears and good stalks and roots will respond to medium to high populations.

Management Practices

Low Populations 7 Medium Populations 9 High Populations 9 Marginal Soil 8 Productive Soil 9 Continuous Corn 8 Adapt To No Till 8 Planting Rate 30-38,000

Disease Ratings

Northern Leaf Blight 7 Southern Leaf Blight 9 Gray Leaf Spot 7 Goss's Bacterial Wilt 6 Anthracnose 8 Eyespot N/A Common Rust N/A Southern Rust N/A Fungicide Response High

Herbicide Interaction

None noted