Product Information

LG52C18 is widely adapted across the Corn Belt. Medium-tall plants have great agronomics and superior Goss's Wilt protection.
  • Healthy, high yield potential product that is widely adapted.
  • Ears have limited flex, medium girth, good test weight grain, with an open husk that aids drydown in the fall.
  • Generally very good disease scores including fantastic Goss's Wilt ratings.
  • Responds well to high management.

Plant Characteristics

Early Vigor 8 Stalk Strength 8 Root Strength 8 Greensnap 8 Drydown 8 Staygreen 8 Drought Tolerance 7 Test Weight 8 Harvest Appearance 7 Hard Endosperm No GDD - Pollen 1288 GDD - Silk 1269 GDD - Black Layer 2564 Plant Height MT Ear Height M Ear Type SF Flowering for Maturity MID

Management Tips

Manage for top-end yields with progressive populations. Recommended for corn-on-corn acres. Best performance is in its adapted maturity zone.

Management Practices

Low Populations 7 Medium Populations 9 High Populations 8 Marginal Soil 8 Productive Soil 9 Continuous Corn 9 Adapt To No Till 8 Planting Rate 32-38,000

Disease Ratings

Northern Leaf Blight 7 Southern Leaf Blight 8 Gray Leaf Spot 6 Goss's Bacterial Wilt 8 Anthracnose 7 Eyespot 8 Common Rust 7 Southern Rust N/A Fungicide Response Moderate

Herbicide Interaction

None noted