Grain Sorghum
For more than 65 years, Golden Acres Genetics® has been breaking ground in grain and forage sorghum and will remain the exclusive sorghum brand for LG Seeds. Time-tested and field-proven, our products have consistently produced high-quality sorghum crops in diverse and demanding environments. It's a legacy of which we are especially proud.

Product Performance

  • Excellent early option for western KS, NE and northeast CO. Performs well in other northern areas.
  • High yields for early maturity product with excellent agronomics and drought tolerance.
  • Good tolerance to sugarcane aphids, and good performance on high pH soils.
  • Excellent option for drilling into narrow rows.

Agronomic Characteristics

Standability 8 Drought Tolerance 9 Head Type 5 Head Exsertion 5 Sugar Cane Aphid HT

Plant Characteristics

Maturity Early Days to Mid Bloom 56 - 58 Plant Height 34 - 38 Color Cream Approx. Seeds Per lb N/A

Disease Ratings

Smut N/A Anthracnose N/A MDMV N/A Downy Mildew (Pathogen 1 & 2) N/A Downy Mildew (Pathogen 3) N/A Greenbug Resistance N/A