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Be Cautious When Selecting Hybrids for 2017, based on a 2016 Midwest Crop and Weather Review
We experienced a year of weather extremes across the Midwest in 2016.  We started out with warm temperatures in mid to late April which got the field work and corn planters rolling.  Then we experienced a cold snap the first week of May which slowed progress.  The first 3 weeks of June was hot and dry.  A lot of acres were only...
Bacterial Leaf Streak Disease
Bacterial Leaf Streak Disease (BLS) is caused by the bacteria Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum.  The disease was officially confirmed to be present in fields just this past summer.  Yet, symptoms of the disease were observed in fields in Southwest Nebraska in 2014.  Confirmed diagnosis of the disease has now been...
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