Product Information

LGS3060RX provides the highest possible performance in this maturity. Good agronomics and disease characteristics provide a foundation for superior yield potential.
  • Attractive wide profile, medium-tall plants with good standability.
  • Strong scores for emergence and stress tolerance.
  • Resistant to SCN, BSR and has above average PRR field tolerance.
  • Wide adaptation and will be well adapted to both conventional and minimum tillage planting systems.

Plant Characteristics

Emergence 7 Standability 7 Shatter Resistance 8 Plant Height MT Plant Type B Pubescence Lt. Tawny Flower Color Purple Hilum Black Pod Color Tan

Disease Ratings

Cyst Nematode Resistance R3, MR14 Phytophthora Race Resistance None Phytophthora Tolerance 7 Brown Stem Rot 9 Iron Deficiency Chlorosis 7 Sclerotinia White Mold N/A Sudden Death N/A Frogeye Leaf Spot N/A Charcoal Rot N/A Stem Canker N/A

Management Tips

Phytophthora Root Rot field tolerance is above average and furnishes better disease protection after the plants become established. Best performance has been on well-drained soils, with good yield response in both stress and high productivity environments.

Management Practices

Poorly Drained Soils 7 Marginal Soils 9 Productive Soils 9 Adapt to No-Till 9 Early Vigor 9