20 Oct 2021
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Win the Fight Against Tar Spot

At LG Seeds, we let you grow it your way, while providing the reliable performance, unique trait choices and solid agronomic support you want — with none of the nonsense.

You can’t control everything in this line of work, but you can choose your seed. We’re here when you need us to help build your customized seed strategy. And when it comes to fighting diseases like Tar Spot, we have solutions.

An integrated, multi-faceted management strategy is a wise way to combat Tar Spot. LG Seeds’ national agronomy manager, Kirsten Garriott, shares four key points to keep top of mind when battling disease pressure in your fields.

  1. Under moderately heavy to heavy disease pressure and favorable environmental conditions, a timely fungicide application with a product labeled for control of Tar Spot can be critical to reducing impact.
  2. Several commercially available fungicide products offer both preventative and curative properties to help combat Tar Spot.
  3. Many fungicides can also help increase plant health and mitigate crop stress, which are other critical components of lessening the disease’s impact on your yields.
  4. For long-term resistance management, it’s always best to use fungicides containing multiple modes of action and always follow label and application guidelines.

Contact your local LG Seeds dealer or agronomist to learn more about our unique corn hybrids that have shown increased ability to tolerate Tar Spot pressure.