05 Mar 2021
xtendflex soybeans

Why XtendFlex® Soybeans?

Weed control in soybeans has been an increasing concern across the Corn Belt in the last decade. Hard-to-control palmer pigweed, waterhemp, lambsquarter, and marestail have been escaping traditional herbicide programs for several years now. These escapes have been robbing farmers of millions in yield profits and causing even more weed issues for years to come. LG Seeds is happy to offer one of the most complete soybean herbicide trait options for weed control in the industry today – XtendFlex® soybeans.

Why XtendFlex®?

XtendFlex soybeans add the herbicide tolerance of glufosinate to the yield-leading germplasm of the Xtend® platform, which gives farmers additional flexibility of what and when they choose to spray their soybeans, while also providing top-end yield potential. So, farmers will now have three herbicide options of dicamba, glyphosate, and glufosinate that can be sprayed pre- and/or post-emergence, giving them control over 337 weeds and up to 14 days of soil activity on certain small-seeded broadleaf weeds.  This flexibility and convenience of herbicide options can be used as needed based on the severity of weed pressures faced by the farmer. One example of the XtendFlex system would be: 
Pre-emergence: (Dicamba) Xtendimax® herbicide (22fl/oz) + (Acetochlor) Warrant® Ultra herbicide (48 fl oz)
Early Post-emergence: (Dicamba) Xtendimax® herbicide (22 fl oz) + (Glyphosate) Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide (32 fl oz)
Late Post-emergence (if needed): (Glufosinate) Liberty® herbicide (32 fl oz)

You can find a complete list of approved tank mix partners from the Xtendimax website.  

Dicamba Application Requirements

In 2020, a lawsuit temporarily halted the registration of the Xtendimax® with vapor grip herbicide, but currently the product has been approved with a new five-year registration and some alterations to the label. Although this isn’t the full list of changes, here are some highlights:

  • Application Window: R1 or June 30 regardless of planting date (was previously R1 or 45 days after planting)
  • Use only for dicamba-tolerant crops (was previously labeled for conventional and dicamba tolerant crop use)
  • Downwind buffer distance is now 240ft (was 110ft)
  • Maximum single application of 22fl oz or 0.5 lb a.e. dicamba (was 44fl oz or 1.0 lb pre)
  • Training is still required annually and must consult with state specific ESA bulletin.

You can view the differences between the new and the old registration labels here. Please follow all label instructions and application requirements when it comes to application and use of Xtendimax® Herbicide. For a complete list of high performing XtendFlex® soybean varieties available from LG Seeds, visit LGSeeds.com or reach out to your local LG Seeds team or STAR Partner dealer.

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Download a copy of this technical bulletin here: Why XtendFlex® Soybeans?