11 Sep 2020

Recovering from the Derecho

On August 10, 2020 a Derecho storm (named for intense, widespread and fast-moving winds) swept across central and eastern Iowa. According to the USDA's Risk Management Agency, the high-speed storm impacted 57 Iowa counties in it's path and damaged nearly 14 million acres of crops (8.2 million corn acres and 5.6 million soybean acres). 

With a heavy footprint in Iowa, LG Seeds STAR Partners and the farmers they serve were no stranger to the damage of the Derecho storm. We followed up with three Technical Team Agronomists that cover east-central Iowa. Tune in to their recap and recovery plan below.

Jed Norman, CCA - North-central and central Iowa
Dave Hoy, CCA - Northeast Iowa
Bryan Luers, CCA - Southeast Iowa

If you or someone you know was impacted by the Derecho storm, the LG Seeds team is here to help. Contact your team today for agronomic advice and ways to move forward this harvest season. #WeMeanBusiness

How Much Did the Derecho Damage Iowa Agriculture? - Successful Farming
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