18 Feb 2021

Optimizing Nitrogen Ahead of Planting

Here in the Midwest, farmers have their eyes on planting season – which is only a few short months away. At LG Seeds, field by field planning is a priority to make sure farmers are maximizing the genetic potential of every seed that is put in the ground. However, in today’s environment, planning doesn’t stop at the seed. It’s a start to finish approach that ensures success when the combine goes through the field.

Field by Field Management

The process begins with the Mix Matters Tool, which makes it easy to select the hybrids that fit each individual field. It uses your location, your local agronomist’s recommendations, our in-house R & D data and, most importantly, your personal management style, to do the tedious analysis for you and find hybrids that fit your fields.

Next, once you’ve created your field-by-field plan in the Mix Matters Tool, you can dive in to an acre by acre analysis in Advantage Acre. To start this process, use the ‘Send Seed Plan To Advantage Acre’ feature to seamlessly send your field plan into Advantage Acre and start managing at a more granular level.

Acre by Acre Management

Advantage Acre is a great tool for record keeping and planning. It has a plethora of features, and for the purpose of acre-by-acre management, we’re going to look at the Nitrogen planning feature and how it can help you and your farming operation.

Last fall was one of the most favorable harvest seasons many growers have seen in the past few years, which allowed them to get ahead on tillage and nitrogen application. This meant that in Illinois, many farmers were able to get anhydrous ammonia applied. Now, in the spring, a common question we’re getting is “how much nitrogen have I lost so far?”, and Advantage Acre can help provide an answer. To start, plug in your applied Nitrogen trips and even potential or planned applications. 

Nitrogen application in Corn

When it comes to nitrogen availability, there are many factors to consider. These include the source, rate, nitrification inhibitors, application date and weather just to name a few. So, when you’re entering in your nitrogen applications, be sure to enter this information carefully and ensure that the data is accurate.

Now that you’ve entered your completed and planned nitrogen applications, Advantage Acre will use Weathertrends360 to evaluate the previous weather, as well as an 11-month forecast to predict the conditions we’ll experience in-season. With this information, you can look at the timeline and data to see how much nitrogen will remain throughout the growing season and if you’ll need to adjust your application rates to ensure a healthy crop.

Advantage Acre also utilizes crop rotation history and functional soil mapping to evaluate soil supplied nitrogen and to determine if your field would benefit from variable rate nitrogen or where your rates could improve. Advantage Acre also has the functionality to visualize plant available nitrogen, lost nitrogen, and plant nitrogen uptake. 

Nitrogen 2

As you can see, there are plenty of tools at your disposal to create a field-by-field plan and manage it at an acre-by-acre level. There’s still a few months before planters start rolling, so we encourage everyone to review their field plans for everything from seed to fertilizer to nitrogen and herbicides. Plan now to be sure your farm is set up for success when conditions are fit to plant. Always feel free to review your plan with your local LG Seeds STAR Partner dealer or your LG Seeds team. Stay safe and let’s get #Plant21 rolling!