09 Mar 2021

Make Your Plot Do More

High-quality, accurate data gathered from corn and soybean plots provides critical information on yield, standability, population and other agronomic characteristics. This information is not only critical for the decisions you make on your farm, but it also benefits our data driven projects at LG Seeds and how we make recommendations to other farmers. The more you can see these products back to back in the same environment, the more opportunity you have to make data-driven decisions for your farm.

Plots_Crafton_1A plot’s location and set up are key to giving each hybrid an equal chance and generating accurate data. Unless you want to test a specific method, it’s usually best to use typical planting practices, soil types and crop rotations from your region. Choose a location that is away from trees, grain bins or anything that can shade parts of the plot during the day. This helps to ensure even growth, or at least even opportunity for growth. Arranging the plot by maturity, establishing border rows at the beginning and end of the plot and having a clean planter box will all help to secure the best data, while also making the harvest process easier in the fall.  

In advance of planting a plot, your local LG Seeds team will take time to help youPlots_Crafton_3 choose the most ideal location, write entry numbers on each plot bag, deliver plot seed to the farmer and, once all the prep work is done, the team will help plant as many plots as they can.

All in all, be safe and have fun with plots. They’re a great way to get first-hand data so you can perfect your decision-making process and find the perfect mix of hybrids for your farm.

Download a copy of this technical bulletin here: Make Your Plots Do More.