27 Oct 2020
grain sorghum

Grain Sorghum Products in an Expanding Market

Basis. It’s the first thing farmers talk about once grain commodity prices are established. As you can see from the map below (originally from Kansas State University Extension and Outreach), grain sorghum basis is higher than we have seen in years, along with higher commodity prices. Combine that with weather trends that seems to be stuck in a dry pattern, and there has been a lot of discussion about a resurgence in grain sorghum acres in 2021. If not a resurgence, a fundamental shift in dry land acres from corn to grain sorghum in a lot of the area shown on the map above. Given this potential shift, take time to familiarize yourself with some of the front-runner grain sorghum products from the Golden Acres Sorghum brand offered by LG Seeds.
basis map

Sorghum Products

grain sorghumGA1510C: 56-58 Days to Mid-Bloom. The earliest maturity hybrid in the lineup, it is a new addition in 2020/21. It’s a smaller to medium stature product with plenty of yield. It can be drilled or planted in 30-inch rows. Good tolerance to Sugar Cane Aphid and handles some of those higher pH soils we have in western Kansas, Nebraska, and eastern Colorado. Northern movement should allow it to work itself up on acres into South Dakota. Canopy closure is one of its best attributes for such an early hybrid, as you can see below ( bottom left ). It has excellent drought stress which was evident in 2020.

sorghumGA2620C: 58-60 Days to Mid-Bloom. A medium-early hybrid with excellent drought stress and yield for its maturity. It is a definite step up in yield from other older products at the same maturity range. It’s a cream hybrid with a more compact head style. Bigger stature hybrid for its maturity with a higher and dense canopy. It has an excellent fit for most of our High Plains acres and moves south into Texas as well as north into South Dakota. Not much here for Sugar Cane Aphid tolerance, so that must be considered when placing this hybrid to the south. If you’re looking for an earlier hybrid with bigger more robust plant stature and yield this is the hybrid you need to be looking at.

sorghumGA2730B:  58-60 Days to Mid-Bloom. Just slightly later in maturity then GA2620C we have GA2730B. With bronze grain and a more open head style this is another one of those hybrids that’s just a step up in yield at maturity. Its our GO TO hybrid on northern High Plains acres but has adaptability from Nebraska down into Texas on acres where Sugar Cane Aphid is not as issue. Again, this product has an excellent high canopy and very nice head exsertion.

67-69 Days to Mid-Bloom. A brand-new addition to the middle to late portion of our lineup this year and what an addition it is. The comment we made every time we looked at this hybrid in advancement trials was “Man this thing is going to yield.”  And does it ever. It is an excellent fit on irrigated acres as well as most marginal dry land acres in Nebraska and Kansas. Showed impressive drought stress tolerance this past year in plots. Its distinct compact head type with somewhat larger plant structure, along with dense high canopy makes for a very showy product in the field. It has very good tolerance to Sugar Cane Aphid and an excellent agronomic package to back up all its yield potential. It is probably my favorite hybrid in the line up to take notes on. It’s just solid.

4880 maturityGA4880R69-74 Days to Mid-Bloom.  Another newer addition to the Golden Acres portfolio of products is GA4880R, or as what I refer to it as “ THE BEAST”. This hybrid is the latest maturity hybrid  in the lineup. As you might guess from my nickname, this thing is big. Let’s just say that it stands out just a little bit. Big plant structure allows for big time yield. High tolerance to Sugar Cane Aphid and an excellent agronomic package makes it a must plant on better dry land and irrigated acres where this maturity is a fit.

These are just a few of the hybrids within the Golden Acres grain sorghum portfolio. As we move into the 2021 growing season and if you are looking for help placing some grain sorghum on your acres, give your local LG Seeds team a call. We would be happy to help you place some of our products on your acres.