02 Jun 2021

Crop Progress - Western and Southern Corn Belt

Eastern Nebraska

Scattered showers throughout the month of May have stretched the planting season a little longer, but much of the crop is in the ground at this point. Recent warmer weather has improved crop progress and three leaf corn is starting to green up and growth progress is moving along rapidly.

Western Nebraska and Kansas:

The majority of irrigated planting is wrapped up in the area, and dryland planting is underway with an estimate of about 60% of the dryland corn crop in the ground. Grain sorghum planning is also underway. Warmer temperatures would help the crops progress at a more normal pace for this area, as cooler and wetter weather delayed planting for much of the area.

Eastern Kansas and Missouri:

Wet weather in eastern Kansas and Missouri made this planting season a challenge. Delayed plantings and replanted areas are common, and grow even more common the further east you move. Flooding conditions continue throughout Missouri as of the last week in May. A temporary break from the wet pattern would help farmers finish up planting and get the crops moving.


The Texas crop currently ranges from milk stage in the south, to just planting in the panhandle. In the south, dry conditions early led to shorter than average plant heights, but wet weather over the last month has helped recover some of that height as plants put on final leaves before pollination. Ear size is variable as a response to the early stress, with kernel rows looking to be a little fewer than normal in areas, but length seems to be roughly normal. As of now, conditions are good for grain fill with plenty of moisture. However, some areas are experiencing too much moisture right now, and some fields even have standing water in the coastal areas and northeast Texas.

Download a copy of this technical bulletin here: Crop Progress - Western and Southern Corn Belt