28 Jan 2020


A diverse hybrid mix on any farming operation is key for a success. Having a diverse mix gives growers the ability to place products where they are best suited, spread risk and grow profitability. LG60C33 is a genetically unique product that can help farmers diversify their hybrid mix.

One of the greatest strengths of LG60C33 is its strong agronomics. It has superior stalk and root strength that helps it to stand well into the fall - which is beneficial when the harvest window needs to be widened. Under stressful conditions, when other hybrids start to have issues, this product will stand strong. Along with the stalk and root strength, the leaf health on LG60C33 is top notch. So, with this product you could avoid applying fungicide and save some cost.

When it comes to positioning LG60C33 for success, there are multiple scenarios where the product can excel. It’s strong early vigor makes LG60C33 a great option for no-till or minimum-tillage fields. I recommend that growers keep the planting population on this hybrid at medium to high levels, because it produces medium sized, semi-flex ears that respond well to increased populations. This product can handle marginal soils, but it will excel even more when it’s placed on productive soils in a corn and soybean rotation.

Overall, the flexibility and agronomic health of this product makes it a great fit for many growers. Position it for success, and you’ll get to watch it push the limits of high yield. Check with your local LG Seeds STAR Partner dealer or team to determine how LG30C33 fits in your field-by-field plan.