10 Oct 2019

Seed Plans: Predicting the Unpredictable

It’s that time of the year again.  Combines are rolling in some areas.  In other areas, mainly in the North, not a lot has been harvested yet.  During this lull between the action, now would be a good time to sit down with your STAR Partner dealer and put a plan together for next year so that when things do get rolling and we come to critical order dates, our STAR Partners and you, the customer, are on the same page.  Utilizing www.advantageacre.com, our STAR Partners can make a seed plan for your operation.

Advantage Acre’s seed plan tool allows customers/dealers the ability to create a “digital order form” utilizing your field borders created within Advantage Acre.   With those field borders, your STAR Partner can look at the SSURGO data and the productivity index generated within Advantage Acre of each individual field which can help them better position products on your farm to optimize yield and efficiency.

Once the borders are created in Advantage Acre and we’ve looked through the productivity indexes, the STAR Partner has an even better understanding of the needs of your farm as well as what products will fit best on what acres.  Utilizing the tool, we can start planning and assigning hybrids/varieties to specific fields and have a record of that when it comes time to order as well as in the spring if the plan doesn’t change before then.  The tool is fully editable from populations to seed treatments as plans change.  A prime example of this was this spring where we had seed plans in place, but weather delayed planting and we needed plan B.  We could edit and switch to earlier hybrids when it became too late to stick to the original plan.

When the plan is set, we can generate a report showing how much and where the hybrids/varieties go for next spring right now.  We can print out that report and give a copy of what we visited about to you, so if you want to see how things are yielding this fall before ordering we can adjust as needed. It organizes their entire operation by field and summarizes quantities of hybrids and varieties.  It will also help the STAR Partner be more in tune with your operation throughout the growing season as they can utilize Advantage Acre’s scouting app.

Another feature that really sets Advantage Acre apart is the ability to look at the forecast 11 months in advance as well as help us gauge when the trend of weather looks favorable for optimum emergence in the spring.  This tool was very valuable this spring to help us gauge what the growing season was going to be like to help us make hybrid selection when planting was delayed.

There are many options and features within the tool, from split planter to multi-hybrid planning, ability to write and edit variable rate planting maps as well as nitrogen management just to name a few.  For more information, contact your local LG Seeds STAR Partner dealer, Sales Account Manager or Technical Team Agronomist about making a seed plan for the upcoming year.  Have a safe harvest!

Download a copy of this technical bulletin here: Seed Plans: Predicting the Unpredictable