11 Sep 2018

Ear Rot Issues in Southern Fields

Harvest is well underway in Kansas and Missouri right now. We have seen ear rot issues across multiple brands in this part of LG Seeds country, and field management decisions this fall could determine success next year.

Ear rot can have negative impacts on yield, in some instances losses of up to 50 bushels per acre. The two main culprits of this rot are the bacterium Diplodia (pictured) and Gibberella, both of which have the capability of producing grain-contaminating mycotoxins.
How can you better prepare for the next year and Do More Together with LG Seeds? It all boils down to hybrid selection and good management practices. Work closely with your SAM and Technical Team Agronomist to select the right hybrid for your field; we’ve seen a few more issues with ear rot in hybrids with open husks and more upright ears. Consider rethinking your crop rotation if your field experienced ear rot. If corn will be planted in the same field next spring, be sure to apply fungicide early.

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