21 Nov 2019

Using Data to Drive Confidence

As harvest wraps up, it's starting to be the time of the year where decisions are made for the 2020 planting season. Naturally, a part of that decsion is hybrid and variety selection for the coming year. In a ‘normal’ year, we’d digest our yield data, look at local plot data and talk to our trusted seed representative to determine what to plant next year.  Given that 2019 was out of the ordinary, we need to analyze this year’s results carefully. It will be important to consider planting date differences, soil conditions at planting and the actual product that went in the ground when it was all said and done.

When studying yield data, try to examine fields that were planted at a date as close to average as possible. For the fields that were planted a month or more behind schedule, that information is still beneficial, but try to compare back to two to three years ago, as well. If you can find correlations in product performance over the past two to three years, the 2019 yield data can still be beneficial.

Soil conditions at planting this year were some of the toughest on record. Because of this, yield data can be skewed. Make sure to identify the areas of the field where possible side wall compaction, pinch row effect and/or trench closure was an issue. If possible, eliminate those areas from yield comparisons, given that the issue was specific to this year’s conditions.

With the delay in planting for 2019, several growers resorted to planting hybrids with earlier maturity than normal.  In doing so, we lost the chance to see the performance of new, full season hybrids for the Michigan area. When it comes to analyzing those product’s performance, the Michigan area will need to rely on LG Seeds research and plot data from around the nation.  You can see plot data from throughout the LG Seeds footprint at LGSeeds.com/Harvest.

To make analyzing data easier, take advantage of digital ag platforms offered through LG Seeds, Advantage Acre® or Climate Fieldview™.  Both platforms can simplify the analysis process and build confidence in your 2020 planting decisions. 2019 was a challenging season, but a lot can be learned from it if we analyze the right data. 

Contact your LG Seeds team today to build field-by-field plan with confidence.

Download a copy of this technical bulletin here: Using Data to Drive Confidence.