28 Jun 2019


At LG Seeds, our STAR Partner Dealers are the force that drives the brand. They combine their feet-on-the-farm expertise with our leading genetics to bring you high-quality resources for your entire operation.

Results in the field start with seed. LG Seeds STAR Partners are professional seed dealers, specializing in our proven products. By focusing on seed, they provide you with the information you need to build a custom plan for your operation.

Today’s seed is the product of the technology behind it. That’s why LG Seeds STAR Partners stay up to date on the latest seed traits and technology through in-depth agronomy trainings. Between their extensive knowledge of product traits and deep local expertise, they’re equipped to recommend a diverse lineup with trait packages and unique characteristics that fit your farm.

You face tough decisions day-in and day-out. You weigh weather conditions, soil composition and other variables to make choices for your farm. Our STAR Partners help you make those decisions with confidence by combining Advantage Acre’s data-driven insights with their extensive product knowledge.

At the end of the day, it comes down to relationships. You need a seed partner you can trust at every turn. Our STAR Partners are local community members, farmers and business owners. They are committed to your success and share in our main goal: helping farmers grow. Because bottom line, it’s all about your success.

Ready to start planning? Connect with a STAR Partner today.