eXterra is a NEW variety developed from crossing European alfalfas onto elite North American genetics and were screened for high yield potential, superb winterhardiness and high forage quality.


PRO is a very dependable product that performs well across various alfalfa cropping systems. 
adapts to a wide range of enviroments. Offers good pest and disease tolerance against yield robbing factors. PRO is a great option for growers looking to manage inout costs while still demanding a competitive product for their alfalfa acres. PRO is sure to stand out when compared to other products in its class.



Exalt is a workhorse product that is adapted to all production areas where fall dormancy 3,4 or 5 varieties are reccomended. Works well under 3,4 or 5 cut management systems and can be used for hay, or haylage production. eXaltis medium-early maturing to harvest stage and has fast recovery after harvest when compared to current popular commercial varieties.

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