eXclaim is the brand name for a rare variety that accomadates both three and four cut systems with leading yield and quality in each system. Medium- to later-maturity to one-tenth flower accomadates each of these cutting systems - thus giving growers peace of mind that the forage quality is being maintained during periods of challenging weather


PRO is a very dependable product that performs well across various alfalfa cropping systems. 
adapts to a wide range of enviroments. Offers good pest and disease tolerance against yield robbing factors. PRO is a great option for growers looking to manage inout costs while still demanding a competitive product for their alfalfa acres. PRO is sure to stand out when compared to other products in its class.



9100RR combines advanced genetics with industry leading herbicide technology.  Top notch winter survival when compared to any variety in our lineup.  High disease resistance and multifoliate expression lead to enhanced forage quality.  Roundup Ready® resistance offers option to extend life of weed-free alfalfa stand.  Plant technology and enjoy the results!



Exalt is a workhorse product that is adapted to all production areas where fall dormancy 3,4 or 5 varieties are reccomended. Works well under 3,4 or 5 cut management systems and can be used for hay, or haylage production. eXaltis medium-early maturing to harvest stage and has fast recovery after harvest when compared to current popular commercial varieties.

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