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ILeVO® Fungicide Seed Treatment 2017

by Steve Crafton | Mar 17, 2017

ILeVO®, being marketed by Bayer Crop Science, is a fluopyram fungicide seed treatment to help suppress Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybeans.  ILeVO also has activity against the Soybean Cyst Nematode in the root zone.

Crafton ILeVO 1 citedThe SDS infection (Fusarium virguliforme) occurs early on when conditions are cool and wet.  These toxins can enter through the root system, and if conditions are right, later in the season they work their way up the plant and cause the upper leaves to turn yellow and eventually die. ILeVO helps protect the young soybean seedlings roots and crowns from the SDS initial infection.

Crafton ILeVO 2 citedOne issue that may happen early on, and will likely cause a call to the local agronomist or salesperson, is if the cotyledons of an ILeVO treated plant turn a yellow-brown. This phytotoxicity is usually referred to as the “halo effect.” This event happens because the fluopyram fungicide is moderately systemic to the plant and expresses itself in the cotyledons and root system, but doesn’t affect the rest of the plant.  Even though the “halo effect” causes some necrosis with the cotyledons and stunting of the plant early on, the long term growth and yield of the plant is not affected.

In 2015 I was called to view a soybean field that was stunted back with possible herbicide issues.  When I walked into field you could see right to the row the non-treated soybeans versus the treated. I thought for sure we would see a significant yield disadvantage at harvest.  But to my surprise at harvest time there was a 10 bushel advantage to the ILeVO treated soybeans. 

Research conducted by a number of land grant universities has concluded that there is “no negative effect on plant stand or soybean yield.” The 2-year study specifically looked at phytotoxicity of ILeVO and applications of preemergence herbicides. It was noted that the visual symptoms appeared to be more severe in the early growth stages of soybeans when both ILeVO and preemergence herbicides were used. But they reported that the visual symptoms were unnoticed after the V4 growth stage. They clearly state: “ILeVO did not increase seedling damage from herbicides, and herbicides did not increase damage from ILeVO.” It was also reported that the average increase in yield with the ILeVO treatments was 5 bushels.

One needs to remember that cool and wet conditions are a challenge for emerging soybeans. Plants metabolize the preemerge herbicides, but in adverse conditions, this metabolism is slow, causing herbicide injury symptoms. These same cool, wet conditions also favor infection of soybean plants by the casual fungus of SDS.

If you have experience issues with SDS, or have heavy nematode pressure, ILeVO® could be the answer to help suppress these yield robbers. LG Seeds offers a full line of high yielding conventional, Liberty Link®, RoundupReady 2 Yield®, and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans that can be treated with an excellent seed treatment package of AgriShield® and ILeVO®


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