​Leading Genetics.  That's LG Seeds.

The way we see it, we’re only as successful you are.

One focus: helping you achieve the highest yield possible.

LG Seeds is part of AgReliant Genetics, LLC—one of the largest independent, seed-only organizations in the United States. That independence means access to the best traits and germplasm in the industry.  We strive to understand the unique challenges facing your business and we work hard to provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Seed is only part of the equation.  That’s why we take the time to understand you, your family, and your operation as if it were our own.  With LG Seeds, you get a dedicated staff of knowledgable agribusiness professionals that focus on your soil, your preferences, and your practices so they can better advise and serve you.  We know that every acre of every field is important to you—which makes it important to us.

Your personalized team is ready to take your call, visit your farm, and walk through your fields—we will do whatever we can to help you arrive at the best possible solution to meet your bottom line.
Dealer:  Your primary contact and a local product adviser who focuses on the daily needs of your operation.  

District Sales Manager:  An experienced agriculture professional who works closely with your Dealer to recommend products and maximize yield potential.

Regional Sales Manager:  A regional adviser for your District Sales Manager and Dealer who helps plan and design customized solutions for your operation.

Sales Agronomist:  An agronomic adviser who resolves issues affecting yield, devises customized solutions, answers questions and works with your District Sales Manager and Dealer to offer the best recommendation and product selection for your soil.

Customer Service Specialist:  Your personal and responsive staff member who supports you and your team to ensure your total satisfaction.  They are only a toll-free call away at our Elmwood, IL headquarters.
When it comes to seed, you need top-notch, leading genetics and plenty of choices.  LG Seeds has access to one of the largest research programs in the world, and we use those resources to deliver an extensive line-up of hybrids and varieties, all bred for yield and overall performance.  Plus, you get the flexibility to choose from the latest seed treatments, insect protection and weed control traits to help you develop a program that works best for you and your fields.  

To increase your chances of success, we go to great lengths to employ extensive quality-control measures and invest in state-of-the-art facilities that help ensure the purity and quality of each bag we deliver.  We invest the time, energy and resources necessary to serve you the way we would want to be served.  Only through this level of commitment and dedication can we ensure you real, lasting success.

The result?  Products that thrive in your unique enviroment— and a harvest that exceeds your expectations.
Advanced Breeding Techniques: Leading researchers have pursued doubled haploid breeding for decades, but AgReliant Genetics was among the first to make it a cost-effective reality. The advantages for you? Development of new inbred lines in half the time of traditional breeding. This means quicker release of new traits and truly pure, uniform genetics.  

High-Tech Facilities:  We continually invest in all of our facilities to maintain and implement the latest and most effective industry technologies. That ensures 
our seed is harvested and prepared with minimal damage, fungicides and insecticides are accurately applied, and defective or damaged seed is eliminated.

Extensive Quality Assurance: To help ensure variety and trait purity, our laboratory implements extensive testing each year, including warm and cold germination, purity analysis, winter and seedling growout and electophoresis.  All data and results are maintained and analyzed to identify the best seed lots for your acres.